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Customer advice

How to avoid rogue tradesmen!

  • Never give the go-ahead for work to start without a written detailed estimate of work to be carried out; you might get a nasty shock when you get the bill!
  • Don't use companies that insist on being paid in cash only, and who are not prepared to give you an invoice.
  • Do not pay in full up front – What kind of tradesmen demands to be paid in full before you've seen his or her work? Always get invoices for payments for your records.
  • Never use companies without a history or bonafide references – There could be a very good reason why they don't have a good reputation and satisfied customers happy to sing their praises.
  • Never use companies who don't guarantee their work – If they don't believe in the quality of their work, why should you.
  • Remember a guarantee is only as good as the company, what's it worth if it doesn't look like it's a solid business and you find out its no longer trading.
  • Do not use companies that do not have a verifiable address – if they won't tell you where they are, perhaps they don't want to be found!
  • Do not employ tradesmen who are not members of their appropriate governing bodies in the case of GAS and ELECTRICS, as you will not be covered by your house insurance.
  • Make sure you can communicate with your tradesman.
  • Your tradesman that you employ might be CHEAP, but some times you have to ask yourself why? Will he or she cut corners to save on money? If after they start the work will they become unhappy with how much they are earning, So rush the job to get on to another job to earn better money. Leaving you with a poor finish to your job and an argument on your hands.
  • Try not to employ scruffy tradesmen their work will probably be of a similar standard as their appearance. We do realise there are some! Exceptions but not too many.
  • Make sure a final payment is not required until the job has been completed and you are satisfied with the work and an invoice has been presented.
  • If you've had a bad experience with tradesmen in the past try not to let it cloud your judgement too much as this could cause you problems even if you find someone good.